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  • 張立霞

    Job responsibilities

    At present, it is mainly responsible for the science and typesetting of nursing and daily articles, while at the same time, it is responsible for the production of promotional films, publicity and copywriting, official account operation and advertising in the later period.

    Work experience

    Five years of medical new media related work experience, have a deep understanding of the field of medical communication and accurate text control, to write original, high-quality literary content as the pursuit, to spread healthy and beneficial medical health knowledge as their own responsibility.
    Has been working in Shanghai famous cultural communication company and Media Department of large hospital for 4 years, and has solid background in writing and data analysis. Independently planned and compiled the relevant science popularization books of "secret of urine", and operated wechat public tweets with a great praise, and familiar with the new media communication and fans interaction rules, and was good at creating microblog hot spots.