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  • 楊軒懿

    Job responsibilities

    Currently, I am the product manager of software department, mainly responsible for the company's front and back end product market research, product design, project management, product promotion and product life cycle management.

    Work experience

    He has worked in a famous listed company in Beijing, engaged in the development of IOS front end for 6 years, with rich working experience and excellent technical ability. Good at and proficient in the multithreading development, runtime running coding development, IOS reverse assembly and other core technologies of IOS software development engineering; As the team leader, he has successively developed and put on the shelves more than 30 large and small projects such as enterprise information publicity system of State Administration of industry and commerce, Weinan municipal instant communication app - Ruixin, home e-point, fox eye, interest and video.
    Rich development experience has laid a good foundation for the successful transformation of product managers. In terms of product development, it has the advantages of scientific scheme planning, profound functional insight, transparent and reasonable communication, and is highly trusted and appreciated by members of software R & D department.