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  • 王文輝

    Job responsibilities

    Since joining poten medical, he has been responsible for the R & D, production and maintenance of nursing beds. Under the "ideal" pursuit of improving the overall elements and performance of the product, after repeated and long-term polishing of the product, and under the high requirements of almost "reverse" principle design, the R & D and design of the nursing bed has obtained more than 10 national patents and won high praise from the market and consumers!

    Work experience

    Ten years of industrial design and R & D experience, participated in the design and R & D of intelligent wheelchair, AGV logistics transport vehicle, anchor bit automatic production line and other large industrial projects, and served as an important R & D management position. With the continuous improvement of R & D experience, the standards of R & D products are constantly improving. At the same time, they have formed their own unique views on the R & D concept and functional design of industrial products. They are not easy to change their principles, and are committed to letting customers find the perfect integration of industrial product strength and softness.