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  • 王少鋒

    Job responsibilities

    Android platform R & D director, currently mainly responsible for the architecture design and core technology pre research and development of Android platform client app and management app.

    Work experience

    10 years of Internet system application development experience, 7 years of team leader management experience. He once worked in a national well-known large-scale Internet e-commerce company, proficient in Android system application development, good at PMP, excellent business ability and rich management experience.
    He once led the development of commercial applications with more than ten million users, and has rich experience in mobile Internet of things projects. In the development of related projects, he has repeatedly put forward constructive suggestions in the core section of application development. Through the effective optimization of relevant data, he has successfully shortened the working hours of team application development, and greatly improved the overall performance of system operation, Thousands of project budget funds have been saved for the company.