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  • 王鵬

    Job responsibilities

    At present, we are mainly responsible for the R & D and production of nursing beds. Now, according to the development needs of the company, we are also the bidding specialist of medical equipment, and responsible for the whole after-sales service management of the company's products.

    Work experience

    Five years of working experience in mechanical design, has participated in the design of more than 10 cases, in a well-known mechanical industry in Shanghai to study, precipitation for more than 3 years, solid theoretical knowledge, outstanding professional ability, his work achievements have been fully recognized by leaders and colleagues!
    He has high enthusiasm and talent for industrial design industry, and regards industrial design R & D as an indispensable part of daily life. Familiar with the R & D and production process and affairs of common industrial products, always pay attention to the new product release and industry trends in the R & D field, and strive to provide users with the most "cost-effective" product services with the most advanced R & D technology and production process.