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  • 王鵬

    Job responsibilities

    At present, he is responsible for the testing of the whole project. In addition to the basic function testing, he also evades many hidden risks in the research and development of the project and the later overall planning through JMeter performance testing tool and postman interface testing tool. His rigorous and down-to-earth work attitude and professional and careful work style have won the unanimous recognition of leaders and colleagues!

    Work experience

    Graduated from Xi'an University of technology in 18 years, he has participated in many large-scale Internet medical testing projects such as new intelligent medical management system, cloud medical information recording platform, mypatients medical information management system, which has greatly promoted the growth and business ability of itself.
    In addition to having the basic test business ability, he also mastered the basic operating commands of Linux, the use of MySQL database, python language and other skills, which improved the work efficiency of project testing, optimized the test process of the project, and provided a great boost for the improvement of the overall performance of the project.