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  • 王海鋒

    Job responsibilities

    In 2019, in view of the continuous advancement of the national medical system reform and the in-depth changes in the industry environment, through in-depth research and understanding, we determined the development direction of building a medical peripheral service platform with the combination of Internet and Internet of things technology, nursing service as the core, and then started the research and development of new shared nursing beds as the starting point, Around the medical peripheral services as the main business of the new industrial chain!

    Work experience

    Born in the army, he has participated in many actual combat exercises and flood fighting and rescue operations in the army. He has shaped his resolute and resolute character and increased his sense of responsibility and mission!
    ordinary salesman to the marketing director of domestic well-known pharmaceutical group. During his work, he has created more than ten million level marketing achievements for many times!
    In 2009, he started his own business, established poten medical technology company, and led the team to the marketing of medical devices. In a short time, it has opened up a blue ocean of its own in the highly competitive medical market and won wide recognition and praise from customers and the industry!