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  • 孫馥璇

    Job responsibilities

    The director of planning and development department is responsible for the company's business operation, project promotion, personnel management, market development, etc. according to the actual development needs of the company.

    Work experience

    In 2016, she worked in the imaging deIn 2017, she was transferred to the Medical Association administrative office to further promote the medical policy of "hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, up and down linkage". Within 3 months, the hospital alliance of several community hospitals in Xi'an and surrounding municipal hospitals was completed.
    In 2018, she joined the top 50 holding groups in China, mainly engaged in real estate, financial investment and other sectors. As coo, responsible for the strategic operation and market development of overseas market. Within one year, seven large-scale projects including BBC and eskaya Beach Resort in Southeast Asia were successfully launched.
    She has a double bachelor's degree in imaging, broadcasting and hosting of Northwest Medical University and Shanghai Academy of drama. She has obtained many certificates, such as "licensed doctor certificate", "national second class actor certificate", "National Broadcasting and hosting qualification certificate", "Beiwu teacher qualification certificate". The student union of the university has planned and held a number of large-scale activities such as the celebration of the University, the joint debate competition of the five universities, and won many awards.