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  • 雷倩

    Job responsibilities

    At present, I am mainly responsible for the review and modification of articles in the nursing section, and assist the construction and improvement of modules such as hospitalization list and post hospital follow-up of the software development department. After that, he was mainly responsible for the management and training of the company's "nurses visiting" related staff.

    Work experience

    16 years of nursing related experience, engaged in clinical nursing work for nearly 9 years, management work for nearly 7 years, rich experience, strong practicality, strong organizational cooperation ability and practical management ability.
    In May 2003, he participated in the front-line work of fighting against SARS in the eighth hospital of Xi'an city. Due to his outstanding professional ability, he won many commendations and awards from his superiors; In the same year, he was awarded as the excellent nurse of Xi'an electric power central hospital and the annual advanced worker of Xi'an electric power central hospital; In December 2009, she was rated as an excellent nurse in Xijing Hospital of the Fourth Military Medical University.