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  • 劉明輝

    Job responsibilities

    Since joining poten medical, he has been mainly responsible for the overall business planning of projects in Northwest China, including project information search, target customer development and maintenance, market personnel allocation and management, etc.

    Work experience

    11 years of marketing development and market development experience, 8 years of team management experience. He has been engaged in the sales of automobiles, cosmetics, medical devices and other fields, and has rich experience in marketing, channel development and dealer management.
    Since 2013, he has been a marketing manager of medical devices such as northwest, East China and central China. With the sincere cooperation and joint efforts of team members of the company, through rich marketing activities and mature marketing experience, the company has achieved more than 5 million sales achievements for many years, and has constantly developed and planned new business channels and network layout, It plays a key role in the decomposition of marketing tasks and the reduction of operating costs of the franchised customers in the region.