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  • 洪歐凱

    Job responsibilities

    In 2020, he joined the CCHP as the director of server R & D. through server interface development and Linux server configuration and deployment, he provided data architecture for front-end interface rendering. At the same time, he conducted data integration for the project to ensure data security, and was responsible for the back-end development project of the company's overall client.

    Work experience

    Six years of mobile Internet experience, mainly responsible for javeee back-end development, in-depth research on Linux system server, with forward-looking development strategic planning, worked in the national well-known e-commerce, advertising and other large Internet companies.
    The business ability is very outstanding. It has built stable back-end core data support for a number of large-scale projects such as smart campus and digital hospital, and effectively promoted the component and platform depth of application development. In my spare time, in order to enhance my technical ability, I published many representative development experience technology posts in CSDN, BiliBili and other large blog forums, which attracted many fans in the industry.