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  • 高杰

    Job responsibilities

    The financial director of the company. At present, it is mainly responsible for building the financial module involved in the management background and sorting out the financial process. Secondly, it provides financial consultation for business activities to avoid tax related risks. At the same time, it follows up the latest government policies to help enterprises apply for subsidies.

    Work experience

    8 years of financial experience in Internet field, 6 years of financial management experience of financial director. Familiar with the financial system revision and financial statement analysis, rich experience in tax planning, and good at applying for government subsidies and bank financing, independently completed the overall construction of financial system from zero to one.
    He once worked in one of the top 500 financial companies in the world. During his working period, he used the business activities of domestic and foreign companies to quickly realize mutual financing and exchange of funds between the two sides. Later, through the reasonable return of funds and the overall planning of the financial system, the overall efficiency of the company's funds was improved, and the flow direction of funds was further clarified, which saved a lot of operating costs and financing costs.