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  • 曹婷婷

    Job responsibilities

    At present, he is mainly responsible for the website design of poten medical team, the front-end development of the company's back-end management system, and assisting the back-end developers to optimize the display effect of the front-end interface, improve the product performance, and improve the user experience in an all-round way.

    Work experience

    Graduated from the University of Electronic Science and technology, he once worked in a well-known Sino US joint venture, and as a team leader, he was responsible for the functional development and maintenance of the US website business. Secondly, he has developed large platform application systems such as smart campus management cloud platform and government interrogation, and has rich front-end development experience.
    Proficient in H5, CSS3, Vue and other front-end technologies, have their own unique views on code semantics, front-end performance optimization and user experience improvement, and can provide perfect solutions; Proficient in the use of responsive layout, elastic box layout, percentage adaptive layout and other technologies, can easily achieve barrier free switching between different platform pages; At the same time, it is good at solving the compatibility problems of the mainstream browsers, which can quickly improve the response speed of the page and greatly improve the user experience.