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  • President's Message
    With the development of social economy and the reform of medical and health services, people's multi-level health need has been increased rapidly. The state has also continuously released some good policies, and has successively issued a number of documents such as Healthy China 2030 Planning Outline.
    Policy is the direction of the medical industry. With the good policy, the concepts of Intelligent Hospital and Shared Medical care are developing rapidly. Based on the long-term development, Botian accumulated rich experience and deep market understanding. Combined with the needs of the company's long-term development planning, Botian decided to develop Multi-Functional Shared Nursing and Professional Nursing APP - Jihu. Since the launch of the project, All colleagues in Botian united together, overcame difficulties and worked hard with same goals. Botian not only completed the R & D, finished production for the nursing bed on schedule, but also launched the APP with service function in time. In order to serve the public and benefit the people's lives as soon as possible, all people in Botian did their best to work on the APP.
    The service and pursuit are endless. With the development of science and technology, Botian will continuously improve the function in the platform and the service to make Jihu into a modern, intelligent, digital and humanized service platform with medical peripheral services, medical hierarchical referral, and doctor-patient information interconnection. All the reform in Botian is based on the needs of customers. All the service is launched to meet the customers’ need. Each step of progress is the best reward for customers' recognition on the product. Botian will always provide the customer with more intelligent service facilities and more convenient service. To pursuit more humanized service goals, Botian did its best to integrate the concept of "science and technology + medical + humanities" advocated by Chinese government into people's daily life as soon as possible.
    In the future, "centralized care" will give full play to its institutional advantages, continue to maintain a high spirited and enterprising spirit, adhere to the enterprise philosophy of "using technology to help health, and using service to win trust", adhere to the enterprise tenet of pursuing excellence, excellence, caring for health, and service first, always maintain the original intention, forge ahead, and make use of the power of science and technology and the pursuit of perfect service, Thousands on thousands of families and people will be given warmth and convenience to help our Internet plus medical care cause contribute to easing the medical pension problem brought by the aging of our society.