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  • Company Profile
    Established in October 2009, Xi'an Botian Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Xi'an High-tech Development Zone. It is a new-type medical technology enterprise dedicated to the research and development of high-tech medical technology and medical equipment. After more than 10 years of development and expanding, Botian established long-term cooperation with many medical institutions and medical corporation. Meanwhile, Botian got high recommendation from these partners.
    With the development of the social economy and the reform of medical and health services, the needs for multilevel health increased quickly. China issued a series of policy documents calling successively to develop Internet + medical care so that people can enjoy easy medical service. Based on the national policy and the long-term development planning needs, Botian decided to develop a shared escort bed which is convenient for escorts to have a good rest at night after detailed research and market survey.
    During the development of the escort bed, the R&D personnel and designers kept improving the quality with high standards. After many time’s discussion on factors which can affect easy using, Botian amended the product many times. With high requirements, the escort bed obtained more than ten national patent certifications. Botian solved two problems for the hospital. Bedside table escort beds on the market today takes too much room in patient ward. And it’s inconvenient to move the bedside table escort bed. Meanwhile, Botian successfully solved the institutional conflict problems between the hospital's fixed bedside table assets and the bedside table escort bed. Botian’s shared escort bed gained high praise from the market and consumers.
    Customers’ needs are the development direction and driving force of the enterprise. Based on the prominent service advantages and strong market potential of technologies such as Internet platform operation, software development and maintenance, and Internet development and application in the medical industry, Botian established Shaanxi Botian Jihu Information Technology Co., Ltd. in 2019. Botian’s purpose is to develop a professional nursing services APP called Jihu based on the escort beds to provide customers with perfect nursing services.
    Since the development of the software, the company's technical development team has completed the research and development in a short period of time based on big technical advantages, united teamwork and aggressive team. Jihu is a one-stop, all-round intelligent service platform that focus on multiple functions such as shared escort beds, daily checklists, after-hospital follow-up, and after-hospital transfer.
    During the development of the platform, in order to provide customers with more secure information guarantee and convenient service, the company provides sufficient software and hardware configuration support to the software development department. In aspect of information storage, to improve the speed and quality of information storage, Jihu uses the dual-platform operation of Alibaba Cloud server and China Telecom server to ensure the security of information storage. In aspect of software signal services, we use China Telecom's NB Internet platform with a wider coverage and lower power consumption to expand the scope of application for customers and reduce customer usage costs. With the unremitting efforts of technical developers, Botian has passed ISO.27001:2013 network security certification and ISO.20000-1:2008 information technology service management certification which provides detailed data support and technical support for the further development of software operations .